Welcome Families!

We are excited to connect you with trustworthy, nurturing, and highly-qualified professionals who are passionate about childcare. Each candidate has special areas of interests and talents that we match with families of similar needs. Our nannies are pre-screened, must exhibit responsibility, excellent experience and references.



From number of children to duties required, we like to gather as much information from you as possible to best match you with one of our qualified candidates. Once the application has been filled out, you will be contacted to schedule the In-Home Consultation.



The greatest way for us to make a connection is to meet in-person. During an In-Home Consultation, an agent will visit your home for 1 hour to further discuss our placement process, the current nanny market, typical nanny duties, salaries, and benefits. Are you first-time parents? We will help you get acclimated to what life can be like with a great nanny on your team.



Once you have decided to proceed with our agency, an Application Fee of $200 will kickstart the matchmaking process. This fee is applied towards your total Placement Fee, and allows us to hit the ground running to find you the perfect nanny.

Along the course of a few weeks, Nanny Harmony will compile a customized list of viable candidates that fit your criteria and send over our various profiles via email.



We will work together to arrange interviews between you and the candidates in consideration. We are happy to provide a Nanny Interview Guide via email, which will help you put your best foot forward during this process. After interviews, we will gather feedback from both you and the nanny candidates to refine your search.


TRIAL Period

With any candidate(s) that you feel may be a potential match, the next step is to schedule a working interview. This allows both the nanny and family to see what a working day is like in your home. Typically, families run a Trial Period for 1-3 days.


ready to hire

When you have decided on the greatest nanny for your family, Nanny Harmony will pass along your employment offer. Should any negotiations arise, we serve as the liaison. Once the family and nanny are happy, you're set!

We will compile a Nanny Family Agreement, which outlines salary, paid vacation time, etc.

The Placement Fee will be charged once your nanny has been chosen and hired.



We are here as a continued source of support throughout your term with your nanny. You may reach out to us anytime with questions, uncertainties, or for advice. We truly value the relationships we develop with both families and nannies.

*Placement Fee's vary, depending upon service desired. Services and Fees listed below.


Full-Time or

Part-Time Nanny

Full-Time and Part-Time Nannies are professionals who fit seamlessly into your family life to provide childcare, household assistance and family support. Full-Time Nannies work 35+ hours per week, while Part-Time work less than 35 hours per week. 

Most Nannies in our area get paid $17-22/hr, depending on job requirements, number of children, level of education and expectations. Nannies earn a weekly salary, which is based on hourly expectations. (Don't worry  we're here to help guide you through this!)

At the time of hire, we charge a Placement Fee of:

$2,800 for Full-Time Nannies, and $2,200 for Part-Time Nannies.

Nanny Share

Are you frantically searching for quality care a lower cost? 

Nanny shares are comprised of two families, who live close by, and often share similar needs in childcare. Both families pay 2/3 of the Nanny's standard rate. (i.e. If their rate is $15/hour, each family pays $10/hour). This gives each family a 33% discount, and the Nanny a well-deserved 33% pay increase for their extra efforts.

We provide guidance for families involved in Nanny Shares, which includes assistance with organizing your Nanny Share Contract, coordinating the needs of both families. 

Already found a FAMILY to share with? 

$3800 ($1900 per family) for Full-Time.